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Grill Your Ace Off

The 2018 Western PA BBQ events list is here!

March 6, 2018 spoon 0 Comments

This has felt like the longest winter in history and Mother Nature keeps screwing around with temps in the 70s one day and 30s the next. Never fear! BBQ season will be kicking off shortly and this year brings several more events to the area for you to get away and visit PA… NY, Ohio, and West Virginia.

If you have the meat jitters and just want to see the list head over there now, otherwise allow me to fill you in especially if this is your first time here!

  1. The list was made of events I found scouring the Internet, barbecue message boards, KCBS sanctioned events and word of mouth.
  2. At the start of last year, I focused on the Pittsburgh area and realized there’s a serious lack of events so the list was pretty meh. I spent the summer meeting teams who told me where they go and what they want to see locally. If you’re interested in putting something together get in touch with me and let’s see what happens. Local breweries, I’m looking your way.
  3. BBQ is about getting fresh air, unplugging and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Well, eatching smoked meat too. The list has events within a 2-3 hour trip of Pittsburgh. If I can drive to Erie and back in a day you can also but think big picture. A lot of these events are in towns where you can make a weekend trip and discover parts of PA, OH, and NY that may not have been on your radar. Most have campgrounds, breweries, wineries or distilleries. Live it up!
  4. The BBQ community is a very generous family with some of these also doubling as fundraisers. Last year Grill Your Ace Off crushed their record for money donated to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Eat BBQ for Kids!
  5. The information is as up-to-date as I can make it without shaking people down. Please check the websites for each event before you travel.
  6. If you have an event you want to be listed please let me know. If you’d like coverage including day of and afterwards on Yinz Love BBQ we can talk. Here’s something I put together on the fly for Grill Your Ace Off.

There you go! Head over to the Events Page and see what we have planned! There is also a link if you want to add the schedule to your Google Calendar.

Don’t forget we have close to 40 BBQ restaurants and food trucks in the Greater Pittsburgh area! I’m going to start reviewing them this summer so if you’d like to meet up or have Yinz Love BBQ out to your place, drop me a line!

Peace – Love – BBQ



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