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Teaspoon Cut Ham

Get ready for a wild 2018

January 4, 2018 spoon 0 Comments

I won’t make you groan with BBQ puns this early in the year. I could say “This year will be smokin!” but really I’m better than that (no I’m not). This year will be smokin!

2017 was an amazing year as I was able to get out and meet many of you while talking smoke. The Western PA BBQ List will always be a work in progress and thanks to your input it’s pretty impressive. Seriously, 40+ BBQ joints in the area? That’s insane not to mention the expanded BBQ and Rib Festival Schedule! Can’t wait for this year!

You told me what is needed in the community and I am working to make that happen. If you have a team or event you want me to check out or promote, maybe a restaurant/food truck or even a product to review, let me know! I want this site to help you and spread the word of local PA BBQ.

Now, what could possibly happen in 2018 to get me so excited that I can’t stop smiling? Here’s a preview of what I have planned.

  • Reviews
    I have a cabinet full of sauces I’ve collected over the last few months that need to be sampled and tested. I also ordered a few cooking items and hoping to have a new Pit Barrel Smoker in the next few months as I’m not breaking one in when it’s 4F outside. The Weber kettle and portable smoker have been nice for small things but I need more.
  • Let’s cook
    Those sauces need a workout and I’m going to cook my butt off this year. I’m used to talking about things and 2018 is about doing it. I’m a novice cook but I know the taste and how to pair it with the right beverage (this is where SIDT comes in). Right now my go-to is Weiss Meats but if you have a favorite butcher I should check out shoot me an email.
  • More Social
    Everything will end up on the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram feeds. Make sure you’re following! I’ll sneak in live broadcasts but I’m all about the Instagram.
  • Traveling
    Starting in February I’m taking advantage of the very affordable RT flights to Austin from Pittsburgh. I also have 1, possibly 2, Dallas trips in the works. I know there are other BBQ destinations in the USA and I plan on hitting those eventually or if someone wants to give me a couch to crash on for a night we can figure something out.

I first started this site because there was a need to find BBQ in Pittsburgh. People scoffed at the idea of barbecue in Pittsburgh the same way they said “Pittsburgh can’t brew craft beer!” and look how that turned out 40 breweries strong. Through the last year, I’ve met amazing people with great stories and I’ve had my taste of really good ‘cue with a local flare. Pittsburgh has a BBQ scene and with your help, I can share it.

Cheers n’at!




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