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HUGE update to Grill Your Ace Off 2020!

August 21, 2020 spoon 0 Comments

While the BBQ competition scene has taken a hit during the pandemic one genre of competitive cooking has taken off in the form of the Steak Cookoff Association. This week Grill Your Ace Off announced significant changes which now make this Western PA competition the largest in the state while also keeping with pandemic guidelines.

Over the last 5 years Grill Your Ace Off has raised $30,521 for Children’s Miracle Network, which includes Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and after making modifications to the event here is what you need to know for the August 29th event.

Grill Your Steak Off Winner Robyn Garrett

  1. Proceeds from the registration go to Children’s Miracle Network.
  2. Saturday morning there will be a Judges Class where you will be certified as an official steak judge. That sounds like the greatest job that your school guidance counselor said would never exist.
  3. There are currently 61 teams registered and there isn’t a cap. Register here to compete.
  4. The number of teams competing has doubled which means a bigger venue! This will now take place at Turkeytown Volunteer Fire Dept which is 5 minutes from the usual location Williams Ace Hardware.
  5. This is a DOUBLE so there are 2 steak competitions going on back to back. Payouts for each are the following.
    • 1st – $1000 (seriously, $1K to grill a steak)
    • 2nd – $500
    • 3rd – $300
    • 4th – $200
    • 5th – $150
    • 6th thru 10th – $100
    • 11th thru 15th – $50
  6. Winner of each event will get a Golden Ticket to the World Championship.

This event is closed off to the public this year due to pandemic guidelines but if this is your first competition make sure you check out our “Tips for your first SCA Steak Cookoff competition“.

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Grill Your Ace off 2020 Judges posterGrill Your Ace off 2020 poster








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