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4 years of Yinz Love BBQ

May 19, 2020 spoon 0 Comments

It’s been a month since the last update but has felt like a year and our anniversary almost slipped past me as every day seems to blend together. I had to completely shift how this site operates and volunteered crash courses on social media so people in our community, along with our BBQ family, could keep information flowing in a time of pandemic news and meme overload. Now I can get back to that “Coming up on Yinz Love BBQ” checklist and try to chill as the last 7 days have been some of the most exciting. Go back and look at my pork butt in that post. It’s fantastic! We can Zoom-Meet-Skype-chat about it.

First – Welcome to everyone coming in from the YaJagoff podcast and Very Local Pittsburgh’s The Slaw! I had a great time talking local BBQ on both shows and look forward to sharing a meal with yinz soon!

Second – I’ve been in contact with many of the event organizers for our area and the Events page will be updated on June 1st with the latest and greatest information. Several of the events depend on the state of social distancing and the number of people at gatherings we’re hoping for a busy late summer or early fall. Cooking isn’t the problem, it’s everyone rushing you for brisket and ribs during a meat shortage. 

**NOTE: Since this post went live, it was announced most of Western PA will be going GREEN on Friday, June 5th. This obviously impacted the list and I’m rushing to get the updates as things change daily. I will have the most current list on June 10th.

Third – We’re growing and I don’t mean that terrible beard thing on my face that I thought would be a good idea in March. Late last week I pulled the trigger on a project I’ve been putting off for too long and details were finalized on Sunday. Vague? Of course. I can’t tell you yet but it’ll be cool, it’ll be fun and you’ll all be a part of it. Well, if you want. No pressure. I mean most of use are still in pajama pants and t-shirts so no judging here.

If you’re new here make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter plus join us in our Facebook Group where local pitmasters are sharing their operation hours and answering BBQ questions. I love the IG and am on it all day long looking at BBQ.

Cheers yinz~





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