Texas BBQ Run and upcoming reviews

Texas BBQ Run and upcoming reviews

It’s been a busy week since I returned home from yet another incredible Texas BBQ run. I’d say I left Pittsburgh for warmer weather but my first morning there it was 27F.

Here are posts you can expect in the coming weeks.

  1. Franklin and Friends
  2. 2019 TMBBQ Fest
  3. Visits to Miller’s Smokehouse, Guess Family BBQ, Snow’s BBQ, and Pecan Lodge
  4. “2019 Grill Your Steak Off” SCA event
  5. Expanding the BBQ map in Western PA.

If you’re in the mood for spoilers and you want to torture yourself by looking at barbecue to stay warm head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages for pictures and stories from a few of those events. 

You may have heard that the Pittsburgh BBQ community suffered a huge loss when the iconic Wilson’s Bar-B-Q was destroyed by fire last week. A fundraiser is currently underway and if you have a little (or a lot) of jingle in your pocket toss some their way to help rebuild. 

Peace – Love – Smoke



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