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Grill Your Ace Off Saw Blade Trophy 2021

Grill Your Ace Off 2021 – Our Super Bowl of Steak Cookoffs

August 25, 2021 spoon 0 Comments

One of the most coveted trophies in all of the competitive cooking world is up for grabs this weekend. Grill Your Ace Off 2021 benefiting Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is taking place this Saturday and unveiling for the first time a TRIPLE steak cookoff! That’s right, 3 chances at winning $1000 and 30 chances at winning cash.

In addition to the steak cookoff, test your skills at the Pierogi contest with a top prize of $100 and kids can show off their favorite Grilled Cheese. Food and drinks from local vendors will be available as well as amazing raffle prizes!

Here are the TR/DR details…

Where: Turkeytown VFD, 90 Supervisor Dr, West Newton, PA 15089
When: Saturday, August 28, 2021
Entry fee(s): Steak A only – $150, Steak A and B – $300, Steak A, B, and C – $400, Pierogies and Grilled Cheese $25 each.
Benefits: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Register for Judging Class: https://bit.ly/GYAOjudge2021
Register to cook: https://bit.ly/GYAO2021
Prizes: Steak – $1000 1st place / 2nd-10th cash prize each event | Pierogies – $100 1st place | Grilled Cheese (Kids event): $75 1st place
Contact info: angel@steakcookoffs.com

Ok, let’s get into the meat of the details.

Grill Steaks – Help the Kids

The biggest reason for this event was to raise money to help the kids through a bbq fest known as Grill Your Ace Off at Williams Ace Hardware in West Newton, PA. This was always a great fundraiser but once the steak element was added things took off. Now Grill Your Ace Off 2021 is the premiere Steak Cookoff Association event in the state of PA and has raised over $35,000 for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh!

Not only will registering to cook help but several generous organizations have donated great gifts which you can take a chance on! Here is a sample of what you can expect.

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Tips for your first SCA Steak Cookoff competition

Your first time doing anything new can be nerve-wracking but don’t worry we have something that will really help out your steak game. Check out our “Tips for your first SCA Steak Cookoff competition” which includes a handy dandy checklist pdf. Have questions? GREAT resources are the SCA Group and the Yinz Love BBQ Community on Facebook.

Fun for the whole family

The great thing about SCA events is that they are family-friendly. This year kids have the opportunity to cook in the Grilled Cheese event and can walk away with $75 or you can get creative and shoot for pierogies. There will be food and drinks available plus it’s a great day to relax and make new friends.

SCA USA Certified Judging Classes

You may think you know everything about grilling a steak and awww that’s cute but there are certain things that judges look for and if you’re ready to get serious about competition or just want to eat a lot of good steaks I highly suggest taking one of the Certified Judging Classes. In it you will learn:

  1. Ribeye 101- Learn about why we love steaks!
  2. Table Captain 101- Learn how to be a table captain.
  3. Ancillary Judging 101 – Learn the judging process for all SCA ancillary categories.
  4. Steak Judging 101 – Learn the entire steak judging process.

I took the class last year and saw an immediate improvement in my cooking. It’s well worth the money. Register now at https://bit.ly/GYAOjudge2021

Final Thoughts

Every year this event has brought amazing talent to our area and a truly great group of people who love to grill and help local charities. Participating in a TRIPLE will test your cooking and timing skills but most important is that you have fun. If you have any questions about the event contact Keith & Angel Todd at angel@steakcookoffs.com.

2021 Grill Your Ace Off Information

Photos from Williams Ace Hardware and Comin’ In Hot Facebook pages.



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