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Spork Pit The Boo sandwich

Two Brothers BBQ and Spork Pit ready for 2019

April 11, 2019 spoon 1 Comment

It is very possible to hit 2, maybe 3, BBQ joints for lunch hour. That’s what I did when I visited Two Brothers BBQ and Spork Pit last week on their opening day. Yes, there is a distance between the 2 businesses but they’re well-oiled machines that can get you from window to butt in seat very fast!

Two Brothers BBQ

Two Brothers BBQ Brisket Sandwich
Two Brothers BBQ Brisket Sandwich

I pulled in shortly after the window opened at 11 AM and there was already a line of hungry barbecue fans waiting to feast. Two Brothers BBQ has been doing this long enough that they can keep the lines moving and wait is minimal. Take a moment to look around the corner at the smokers or admire one of the nicest wood piles in Pittsburgh while you inhale the aroma of barbeque deliciousness in the air. Thirsty? There’s a beer distributor which sells 6 packs and singles next door. Just saying there’s no reason why you’re not hydrated. Two Brothers BBQ is now open Wednesday through Sunday 11 AM to 8 PM and a new menu is coming soon. What? Yup. Details coming soon to this site!

Spork Pit

Spork Pit The Boo Unleashed
The Boo – brisket, veggies, cheese, mayo

I never go into a place thinking I’m going to have the best meal ever. No matter what the hype is I’ll roll my eyes but SporkPit may have delivered the best BBQ sandwich I’ve had in Pittsburgh. That’s a tall order considering how much BBQ I eat.

If you visited last year you now order on the right side and pick up on the left. This is important to keep in mind so you’re not Mr. Mom in the drop off line.

SporkPit is now open Tuesday through Sunday 11 AM to 8 PM. You’re about to see why you need a the Boo in your life.

Watch our video below from IGTV covering both places on opening day make sure you check out 2 Brothers BBQ and Spork Pit online for deals and details! 


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Checking out @2brothersbbq and @sporkpit on their 2019 opening day. Could this be the best bbq sandwich in Pittsburgh?

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