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Brisket from Pittsburgh Barbecue Company

Pittsburgh Barbecue Company

April 28, 2017 spoon 0 Comments

Ahhhhh the smell of smokers firing up is in the air in Pittsburgh! I’ve had mine running all winter but that was more to annoy the everything-I-do hating neighbor.

After spending the past year collecting the data, links and tips I’m finally ready to start a BBQ run around Southwestern PA and find out who not only has good barbecue but their styles and stories behind the smoke. The video below was shot for Yinz Love BBQ’s Instagram Stories.

My spring training for the BBQ season kicked off with a trip to Pittsburgh Barbecue Company for brisket and baked beans. They are a seasonal BBQ carryout serving Carolina-style ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken & sides.

Watch on YouTube and subscribe – Brisket and Beans from Pittsburgh Barbecue Company

I’m tired of always getting dried out pieces of the flat when I order brisket in Pittsburgh so I asked for a nice fatty piece. They were more than gracious to cut slices for me which isn’t something I don’t usually get in the area without a groan. The brisket was still on the dry side and the fat was tough to eat. Baked beans were the winners today which you’ll see why in the video. This is Carolina style cooking so dip that brisket in their homemade sauce.

Here is their menu I snapped last year. Next time I’m bringing some help so I can tackle more BBQ. If you’re interested in joining me for a stop make sure you like Yinz Love BBQ on Facebook!

Pittsburgh BBQ Company Menu

Hours: 11a to 8p – Wed.-Sun. | Website: https://pghbbq.com/

Video from Yinz Love BBQ Instagram Stories – http://bit.ly/InstaYinzLoveBBQ

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