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Burk's Barbeque

Burk’s Barbeque bringing the smoke in Oakmont

May 14, 2019 spoon 0 Comments

When a new barbecue place such as Burk’s Barbeque opens I tend to wait so they can get into their groove. We’re not a BBQ dominated area of the country where you can cook with the same weather all year. It can take time to adjust to our climate of rain, snow, rain, thundersnow, sun, rain and that’s just in one day. Welcome to Pittsburgh in the Spring, eh? Burk’s Barbeque has been one of my more requested places to stop and since I was in the area I couldn’t pass the opportunity.


Burk's Barbeque Menu
Burk’s Barbeque Menu

Along with 4 of their sauces (vinegar based tomato bbq, spicy, mustard, en fuego) and a carton of Turner’s Premium T I was ready to see what Kevin Burkardt and his team had in store for me. When you look at the menu don’t be afraid to ask for meats by the pound. It’s not listed but is available if you ask with a smile! I ordered their 1/2 pound of brisket and 1/2 pound of pulled pork which they smoke over red oak and a tempting jalapeno cheese corn muffin.

As you’ll see in the video the brisket comes ready with a steady beef flavor and smidge of smoke but the pulled pork is dialed in. I’m kicking myself for not trying the ribs or sides but that’s what return trips are for with friends.

For now, this is take-out with limited seating but I opted to feast on the back of a car. There is a smokehouse in the works and possible expansion in the future so stay tuned for updates!

Here is the IGTV video of the BBQ, if you can’t see the clip check it out here.


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