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Where to celebrate National Barbecue Month 2021 in Pittsburgh

May 10, 2021 spoon 0 Comments

I’d say that after this past year we’re all ready for National Barbecue Month to get rocking but the snow that fell here in Western PA last weekend feels like one last shot from mother nature before all of our pits are finally lit. I know that idea seems unfathomable down south but we work with what we have and we rock it.

This year we’re going to see a return to backyard cooking and the demand for locally sourced meats will take off. The worlds for local libations and bbq are so close to coming together that once it happens you may even find yinzers crossing bridges and going through tunnels.

Highlights for 2021

  1. We now have over 100 BBQ restaurants and food trucks in Western PA which is an all-time high for us. 70 are in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.
  2. 17 sanctioned Steak Cookoff Association contests within 3 hours of Pittsburgh with most paying out $1000 top prize.
  3. 11 confirmed barbecue competitions with several more being finalized.
  4. Locally owned Ace Hardware stores have upgraded their grilling and bbq selections and now carry rubs and various brands of charcoal you’d only see on YouTube or all National Barbecue Month long on Cooking Channel.
  5. What about local sauces, spices, and rubs? I have you covered on that also. Throughout the summer our test kitchen will be reviewing products made here in Western PA and taking a few out on the competition trail to see how they stand up against the big guys. If you would like to send anything that doesn’t require a back brace to lift, ship it to the following address. Big items contact me using the contact form.

    Yinz Love BBQ
    c/o Sorgatron Media
    1619 Broadway Avenue – Suite 100
    Pittsburgh, PA 15216

  6. You’ll find Central Texas, Carolinas, Kansas City, Memphis, and Pittsburgh style in our area. Wait, Pittsburgh style? We’re cracking that one open this summer so make sure you’re subscribed and following us. You won’t want to miss the podcast.
  7. Podcast? Yes, podcast. After 15 years of a craft beer podcast, I need to get that stale beer smell out first.

The more you know

If you want instant information follow/like us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. I treat the members of our Facebook group with news first so you’ll want to be a part of our community. Social not your thing? The BBQ mailing e-list will be back for 2021! Look to the right of this post (bottom on mobile) and there’s a quick form to fill out.

Are you ready? FIRE IT UP!

Peace – Love – Smoke



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