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Picklesburgh 2019

Upcoming Pittsburgh BBQ Events and News: August 9-11

August 8, 2019 spoon 0 Comments

A quiet week for local BBQ events but we’re getting closer to 2 big SCA events (Grill Your Steak Off (West Newton, PA) and Route 6 Ribfest Steak Cookoff (Coudersport, PA) with a top prize each of $1000 you need to practice for and planning your Labor Day menu. Fast summer eh? Let’s get smokin!

Picklesburgh was a Big Dill

Allegheny City Farms SlidersOK, so Picklesburgh turned out to be a great surprise. Choppin Block BBQ was who I went to see (left feeling underwhelmed) since that was the only BBQ on the menu… or so I thought. While walking around looking for Pickle Beer I stumbled upon Allegheny City Farms which prides itself on locally made hot sauce. Sorry, HAWT SAUUUUUCE.

They were serving up 2 Pulled Pork Sliders with pork from Oakmont BBQ Co. and a Pittsburgh Pickle. Heck yeah, I’m going to try it. What I didn’t expect was to have my taste buds taken on a fiery journey that might have made me tear up from the heat but every offering was packed with flavor. It’s difficult to find flavor and heat so well balanced. Check these guys out and get the sauces (and rubs)!

Check out the Instagram Story Highlight for a full recap.

Underdog BBQ on National TV

PA Map MistakePreviously I shared Business Insider broke the story on July 2nd that Underdog BBQ was actually part of a reality TV show being filmed in Erie named “Undercover Billionaire.”

This past Tuesday the show finally premiered and while they haven’t touched on the BBQ part of it yet the show came stumbling out the gates with a big *UGH* from SWPA. Apparently, Pittsburgh is more middle PA and 150 miles away. Punxy, Pittsburgh…. they’re the same, right?

I won’t give any spoiler here but we are talking about it in our Facebook Group. 

 Upcoming Events

All of these events can be found on the Events Page plus you can subscribe to our Google Calendar and 2019 Yinz Love BBQ Festival, Competition and Steak Cook-off Schedule to plan out your next BBQ road trip!

Expanding BBQ Map to Western PA

Due to high demand, I’m working on expanding the Greater Pittsburgh BBQ Map to cover Western PA. We’re currently sitting at 66 BBQ joints and food trucks in our area and based off early submissions the WPA map will grow to over 80. Crazy right? I need your help to grow this to be the most comprehensive listing for BBQ fans in and visiting our state. Send your suggestions via the contact form on our site or even better JOIN OUR NEW FACEBOOK GROUP which has been hopping with breaking BBQ news!

That’s all I have for this week as I need to get practicing on my steak cooking so I don’t finish dead last again at Grill Your Steak Off. Oh, and I need to restock my first aid kit.





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