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Western PA BBQ map

Pittsburgh BBQ Directory expands to all of Western PA BBQ

April 19, 2021 spoon 2 Comments

When I started this site the most Western PA BBQ joints a group of local food and drink writers could come up with were 5-6. My curiosity leads to the discovery of 20 more and by the end of the first year, that number grew to around 35.

Fast forward almost 5 years and today we announce the list has grown to SEVENTY-TWO restaurants and food trucks in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. In addition to this number, we have expanded our reach to all of Western PA BBQ which brings the grand total to 102 barbecue restaurants and food trucks!

Take a moment and check out the new Pittsburgh BBQ Directory.

New Features

I asked our Facebook Group what they thought the map could use since I build this for you. After taking my pandemic time to work on the site instead of baking bread, though I really want to make bread, here are the first major updates since it launched.

  1. New Locations – All 102 BBQ restaurants and food trucks in Western Pennsylvania are listed. If there is one we may have missed please fill out our contact form and we’ll get on it. Western PA is defined by its Wikipedia entry.
  2. New Filters – The new filters are:
    • Western PA
    • Greater Pittsburgh
      • BBQ Restaurant 
      • Food Truck / Mobile / Pop-up
  3. Mobile-Friendly Directions – When you ask for directions on your mobile device it will open Google Maps or… Apple I guess. It’ll work in Apple Maps but their directions, in general, are a tad off.

I hope you enjoy this upgrade and as we’re starting to open back up you’re able to get out and discover the barbecue culture around our side of the state. Don’t forget to check out our 2021 BBQ & Steak events post for competitions around the area. There’s a Google Calendar you can subscribe to with complete listings of every BBQ and Steak Cookoff Association event.

As much as the haters want to say there isn’t a “bbq scene” the numbers speak for themselves. Pittsburgh is smoking again and it’s not from a steel mill. 




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