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Blowfish BBQ at Grill Your Ace Off 2019

2021 Pittsburgh BBQ & Steak News and Events

April 13, 2021 spoon 3 Comments

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to finally hit publish on 2021 Pittsburgh BBQ & Steak News and Events! It feels like forever since a lot of us have seen each other and I hope yinz have all been safe this past year.

No doubt the pandemic took a huge hit on BBQ competitions but what did emerge as a very safe and exciting alternative was the expansion of Steak Cookoff Association events in Western PA and 2021 already has a record number in our area! I was fortunate to have attended a few in Western PA last summer and not only are these safe from a social distance perspective but they’re a ton of fun.

So what can we expect this year? Well if you want the TL/DR version just head over to the Yinz Love BBQ Events page and start planning your summer. For everyone else keep on reading!

How Pittsburgh BBQ Adapted to COVID

One thing that can be said about the Pittsburgh region is that we’re resilient when dealing with things out of our control. Like mother nature, a global pandemic, you know… OMFG moments in life and this was seen in 2020 with a massive shift from dine-in only restaurants turning to take-out, curbside pickup, and delivery.

The community rallied to make sure our friends and family were taken care of, stayed in business, and came through stronger than they were before. 

BBQ Competitions

We’re seeing a shift in dates this year as organizers have been working out ways to make these safe for everyone and following current guidelines. Expect more in mid to late summer and all of these events are located on the Events page. If you’re a Google user you can view the calendar for updates or search “Western PA BBQ and Steak Cookoff Events” to subscribe!

Steak Cookoff Association Competitions

tables with ribeye steaks
Steak Selection Table at Grill Your Ace Off 2020

We have a record number scheduled in our region for 2021. By region I mean state of PA and anyone within 2-3 hours driving of Pittsburgh because we measure in time, not distance. The majority of events have a top prize of $1000 and for the first time in our area, there will be a TRIPLE event!

These events are family-friendly with a few having kids competitions. It’s a great way to spend the day outdoors.

All of these events are located on the Events page and if you’re a Google user you can view the calendar for updates or search “Western PA BBQ and Steak Cookoff Events” to subscribe!

What you can expect from Yinz Love BBQ in 2021?

This year we turn 5. I know, right? So my gift to you will be just what you’ve asked for… more content. I had a lot of time to think about the direction of this site based on the feedback sent in through our contact form and in our Facebook group. This site is because of you and it has grown from just a few BBQ links to the 5-6 places nearby to a hub for those with a passion for BBQ and competitive steak cooking along with a comprehensive list of events.

This isn’t Texas, Kansas City, or the Carolinas and we don’t try to be. We’re Pittsburgh. We’re Western PA. We bring our melting pot of heritages to BBQ and yes, we cook in the snow while wearing shorts. 

BBQ Directory

I’m thrilled to announce that with recent updates we now have 100+ places serving barbecue in Western Pennsylvania. You weren’t expecting that were you?

Beyond BBQ

No, this isn’t about the faux burgers pretending to be meat. We’re going beyond just eating BBQ to talk to the people raising the cattle, providing the cuts, and yes seeing how the sausage is made. Have a farm? Make your own charcoal or supply wood? Let’s chat because the BBQ podcast is coming! Let’s get some collaborations going!


I’ve spent the last year testing out vendors and pumped to say we’ll have stickers, keychains, magnets, shirts. All coming to you this summer!


This will be launching in 2021 and while I have the first few shows sketched out I’d like your suggestions on guests and show topics.

Product Reviews

I have a backlog of rubs and sauces to test out and am excited to share with you. If you would like to send anything that doesn’t require a back brace to lift, ship it to the following address. Big items contact me using the contact form.

Yinz Love BBQ
c/o Sorgatron Media
1619 Broadway Avenue – Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

News and Updates

If you want instant information follow/like us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. I treat the members of our Facebook group with news first so you’ll want to be a part of our community. Social not your thing? The BBQ mailing e-list will be back for 2021! Look to the right of this post (bottom on mobile) and there’s a quick form to fill out.

Thank you for all of your support and I hope to see you out on the BBQ trails!

Peace – Love – Smoke




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