BBQ Championship Weekend

BBQ Championship Weekend

It’s a championship weekend for BBQ and all things awesome over a fire! Good luck to everyone competing today!

Keystone Classic BBQ State Championship

$8000 in prizes and bragging rights for best in Pennsylvania are up for grabs today at the PA State BBQ Championship held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center! The event is 11 years old and there’s not too much about it online so hopefully we can work on it next year. Check out the website for more info.

SCA World Championship

SCA World ChampionshipLast weekend we saw Bill Atkins from Three Dogs BBQ win Grill Your Steak Off in West Newton and this today we have the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF STEAK in Fort Worth, TX! Yes, it’s worthy of being in all bold.

This really is a WORLD championship as seen on their Facebook group with teams from all over are coming to America to cook.

Grill Your Steak Off recap

Last weekend was unreal at the Grill Your Steak Off steak cookoff in West Newton. I have a great recap coming next week for you and wow, what a game changing event this can be for backyard cooks!

Enjoy your weekend and eat BBQ!



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