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August 21, 2019 8 Comments

Last summer I took part in my first SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) event and became instantly hooked. If you're a fan of this site there's a pretty solid chance that you know how

August 15, 2019 0 Comments

Coming into the home stretch for summer which means local steak competitions such as Grill Your Steak Off, backyard cookouts and a 3 day weekend on the horizon. Let's get the most out

August 8, 2019 0 Comments

A quiet week for local BBQ events but we're getting closer to 2 big SCA events (Grill Your Steak Off (West Newton, PA) and Route 6 Ribfest Steak Cookoff (Coudersport, PA) with a

July 25, 2019 0 Comments

It's getting hot in here. Seriously. A solid week over 90F with 75% humidity was more than enough so this week of 75F temps has been heaven. Let's get to the BBQ. Flame

July 2, 2019 0 Comments

Enjoy your holiday weekend and try not to blow anything up that isn't supposed to go boom n'at. We have 3 events this weekend including the inaugural Rusty Gold Rib Cookoff on the

June 21, 2019 1 Comment

Happy first day of summer! Here is the latest in BBQ news to help you dry out from 47 days of rain. Winner Winner Steak Dinner CONGRATS to Angel T. from team Comin'