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Jank BBQ Sauce Steelers

Secret BBQ Sauce Powering the Pittsburgh Steelers

January 19, 2017 spoon 0 Comments

When I first saw the headline “Weslaco entrepreneur, Super Bowl champ partner in barbecue sauce venture” pop up in my barbecue news feed (what, you’re surprised I have one?) my first thought was “Man, wouldn’t it be cool if it was the Steelers? This is a Texas outlet though so it’s probably Dallas.” and guess what…


Sweet lord it’s the Steelers! The same Steelers playing this weekend against the New England Patriots for the AFC title and a trip to Super Bowl LI!

Lamar Jones’ personal story and how his sauce, The Jank, were made are a great match for Steelers Nation. Mr. Jones busting his butt to make a living, creates lightning in a bottle with his homemade BBQ sauce and ends up a finalist in “H-E-B’s 2015 Quest for Texas Best” and barbecue stardom which lead to retired NFL player Bryant McFadden bringing it to his former team in Pittsburgh. Steelers Nation is a fan base of hardworking people who are scrappy and never give up.

I knew I had to get a bottle in my hands so off to the internet I went for my first ever BBQ impulse buy. I have family in Texas whom I’ve visited several times so I am very familiar with H-E-B. Pittsburghers can think of it as the food selection of Giant Eagle and the variety of a Walmart but way cooler than both. It’s my happy place when we shop in Central Texas. Buying from the H-E-B website was very easy and while shipping was around the same price as the bottle, it was still cheaper than having family send it.

Today the package arrived to much celebration as I nearly tackled the delivery man. I’m not sure what I’ll use it on this weekend but you can anticipate a full review after Sunday night’s game. If you have a suggestion leave it in the comments below. I’m seasoning a new smoker on Saturday and need to break it in! I may have to get more if the Steelers win and plan on a Super Bowl feast!

Visit The Jank online and follow the barbecue magic on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! If you’d like to order a bottle for yourself visit H-E-B online and if you do let me know!

The Unboxing


The unwrapping of the @heb #bbq box #barbecue #bbqlife #barbeque #bbqlife

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